GARIA Golf Cars

 Craftsmanship to the highest automotive industry standards
The Garia approach to design, quality, and functionality is fundamentally different from traditional golf carts, and
the Garia Golf Car is undoubtedly the world’s best and most exclusive golf car.

The Garia is manufactured at the Valmet Automotive factory in Finland, where the Porsche Boxster and Porsche Cayman are built. The factory is also contracted by THINK and Fisker Automotive to manufacture environmentally friendly and innovative hybrid cars.

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The idea behind the design and development of the world’s most exclusive golf car. When Garia was founded in 2005, the golf car market was very homogenous. Not a single golf car stood out. Essentially, all golf cars were the same. This became the stepping stone for a small group of dedicated designers, who decided to challenge this homogeneity. What they wanted to do was to design the world's most exclusive golf car. The idea was that by paying meticulous attention to every detail of the golf car, they would revolutionize the way a golf car is created.

Garia has completely redesigned every aspect of the traditional golf car. The result is a vehicle that combines advanced technology with luxury coachwork that will look as good in the community as the on the golf course. The Garia redefines its class. Contact Us for more info. Visit


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